Effortless Crypto Trading
for Everyone

PayWize offers a tailored exchange experience, welcoming both beginners
and expert traders.


A platform to exchange cryptocurrencies.

User-Friendly Interface
PayWize assists users in effortlessly buying and selling their digital assets.
Secure Transactions
Implementing advanced encryption techniques to ensure the safety of your assets.
Multi-Currency Support
Trade a diverse range of cryptocurrencies on a single platform.

Why choose paywize

Seamless Trading
Buy and sell cryptos effortlessly from any device. Quick verification and real-time order execution.
Versatile Funding
Multiple deposit options and commission-free trades on top cryptocurrencies.
24/7 Support
Our expert team is always available to assist with your needs.
Fast & Secure Transactions
Safeguarded trades with rapid asset delivery to your wallet.

Live Exchange Rate Tracker

Stay updated with real-time cryptocurrency conversion rates.




BTC -0.43%




DOGE -2.07%




ETH 1.03%




EOS -3.68%


Frenquently Asked Questions

Yes, we support credit card.

Yes, we support wire transfer.

Currently, we support Bitcoin and Ethereum only.

The rate is based on an average from the exchanges and miners we partner with, ensuring the most accurate buy/sell rates.

The rate is determined once we receive the money and process the order.

The exchange fee is 4.7%, including VAT.

Due to market conditions and banking procedures, it takes time to withdraw money from stock exchanges.

You can cancel your order before making a payment. Once the order is paid for, cancellation is not possible.

ID verification is mandatory for purchasing crypto.

Legal regulations require KYC for certain transaction amounts. We uphold a strict policy and ask for KYC verification with every purchase.

You may cancel your order before your payment is captured. To do so, contact our support team before your order is delivered.



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